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ISO/IEC 17065 is the Product Certification Body standard and this course is to help you understand what it asks of Certification Bodies who wish to demonstrate conformance to its requirements.

This course consists of 7 Chapters and contains the same material as the IAS in-class course on 17065.

Please take each of the 7 Chapters listed in the menu to the left and, when you have finished, proceed to the course evaluation and the quiz at the end of the course

Please ensure you have your own copy of ISO/IEC 17065:2012 and ISO/IEC 17067: 2013 available with you before taking this training.

By clicking on each of the Sections in the curriculum you will be able to review the mp4 video file in that Section. Repeat this process for each of the five webinar videos listed. Most of the Sections will have a series of discussion questions on the contents of the standard. These questions are not graded, but will force you to research the answers in the standard.

This training consists of the following:

  1. Chapter 1 - Background in Principles of Certification
  2. Chapter 2 - Overview of Certification
  3. Chapter 3 - Integrity in Certification
  4. Chapter 4 - Organisation and Structure
  5. Chapter 5 - Certification Body Resources
  6. Chapter 6 - Certification Processes
  7. Chapter 7 - Management System Requirements

The Course Handbook can be downloaded from this Getting Started Section. Use it as a reference for the materials provided in the course.

When you are ready to take the quiz, proceed to the last section.

Upon successful completion of the training and quiz (all lectures marked as completed), a certificate link will be emailed to you. You will be able to view and download your certificate in PDF format. You must have opted-in to receive this certificate email. If you unenrolled from the course, you will no longer be able to view the certificate. If you have any questions, please e-mail them to the IAS Training Manager, Ned Gravel ([email protected])

Understanding 17065 Course Handbook.pdf
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